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Smart resort

Smart resort – is a solution for automation of health-improving and spa facilities, taking into account various characteristics of the institutions of this type. The system has modular architecture and can be applied to various fields of the enterprise activity either all the modules in a complex or separately. This gives the possibility to carry out phasing-in of the software complex with minimal risks and costs.
Configuring – this module allows you to configure your system for its functional operation. You are able to add necessary directories, room types, tariffs. The Module allows to edit and add new data as it changes, to configure the whole system and to connect to the necessary database, to add general information about the resort. It also allows to carry out management of all the users of the system.
Reservation – this module allows you to monitor the actual number of tourists in the resort. It is possible to plan the way the tourists will be accommodated in the resort in advance. As soon as it is necessary, one can print a «Checkerboard» (the table of guests and the rooms they are supposed to live in) since there are special print forms, designed to minimize routine operations. The module helps to monitor check-in of the tourists, constantly receiving data from the reception office.
Reception office – this module is the first one in the check-in process. It helps to form the actual database, providing You with the information about the number of tourists and the number of vacant rooms, to control check-in and check-out. This module contains all the necessary data about the tourists, used also in the other modules. The necessary documents can easily be printed out due to specially designed print forms.
Treatment – after check-in the tourists get an appointment with the doctor, who works out a special treatment program with suitable therapeutic procedures. By means of the given module doctors can see and evaluate medical rooms of the health resorts and their schedule, available procedures. So doctors are able to form treatment programs for the tourists quickly without any problems, so that it would be convenient for the tourists to get these procedures and the medical rooms would not be overcrowded. This module saves guests from tedious queues, increasing the comfort of visiting the treatments, and makes the work of medical rooms more effective, helping to increase the number of rendered medical services.
SPA – we offer you to learn more about the system of integrated management of spa treatments «Smart resort: SPA». This software allows you to automate successfully all processes, which are connected with the appointment of integrated programs, taking into account availability of both specialists and assigned procedures.
Accountancy - this module is connected with other modules, which provides a full record of all the data structures and interactions. The module provides an accounting of operations related to the cash flow of the resort.
Diets – the module «Diets» continues the software package «Smart resort». This program automates the basic processes, which are connected with the catering in the health resorts establishments: it provides the working-out and design of the menu, takes int account the number of guests who keep a certain diet, does the calculation of the quantity of products, nutritional value calculations, monitors the compliance of the natural norms of consumption. The program provides the ability of pre-seating and the actual seating of vacationers, taking into account the diet, age or gender, viewing the schedule of all waiters. All data about vacationers comes from the registry to the post of nutritionist (dining room administrator), so a specialist doesn't need to make notes about the customer's personal data or the data on the voucher, thereby it saves time.
The module for managers – multifunctional flexible reporting system. Its main purpose is to control all departments of the resort. It provides the user with the data on the occupancy rate, medical databases, as well as the financial reports of the activity of the resort.