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Smart hotel Reservation

Reservation – this program allows you to monitor the actual picture of the occupancy of the hotel, to plan the occupancy with the help of preliminary booking, to find quickly free space according to customers' requirements. You can print and send the necessary documents (invoice, contract, act) to the client's e-mail directly from the program, to conduct tasks on the requests, to work with the requests, which are temporarily located in the waiting list, to form various statistical and financial reports, reports on the arrival and departure. Working with «Smart hotel: Reservation» will maximize the full potential of the number of rooms that provide the most complete occupancy of the hotel.

The module has the following functions:



     Smart hotel

«Holidaymakers checking-in according to the applications», «Checking in according to the rooms actual/planned», «Waiting list», «No-show», «Report to the checkpoint», «Checking-out the actual/planned», «Checking-out forecast», «Early departure», « The age structure of tourists», «The sex structure of tourists», «Temporary removal vacationers», «The list of checking in vacationers», «List of registration of foreign citizens», «List of the daily account of the vacationers' age structure», «Birthday», «Number of vacationers», «Latecomers», «Vacationers according to the citizenship», «Vacationers on benefits», «Preliminary information about travelers», «Checking holidaymakers citizenship», «List of holidaymakers», «Quantity of the holidaymakers the actual/planned», «List of living/residing in the selected room», «Transfer of the vacationers'», «List of vouchers paid with the help of cash register», «Cash register», «Cash register for additional services», «Report on the resort fee», «Report on services», «Registry Service foreigners», «Register of nutrition», «Registry of living», «Help Service «Data realized vouchers», «The depth of sales», «The number of serviced vacationers (Form 1 tour (holiday))», «Distribution of accommodateв individuals (Form 1 tour (holiday)», «Certificate of Completion», «Contracts», «List of the users' work», «Occupancy actual/planned», «The number of bed-days», «Overview», «Report to the legal entities», «Report on the areas», «Rollovers applications», «Wi-Fi card accounting».