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Private unitary enterprise service "Byport"
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About the company

Private unitary enterprise service «Byport» is reliable computer technologies for institutions of health resort type, hotel and travel business. The company works at the Belarusian market since 2009.

Our enterprise offers a wide range of various services in the sphere of information technologies. The main activity of the company – development of the special software for optimization of health resort institutions. We use the latest technologies in the IT sphere, actively applying the advanced developments. Experience of our experts allows to guarantee quality, reliability, convenience and efficiency of products, and also high level of technical support.

Our services in development of the applied software are focused on a wide range of customers. Having experience in a software development sphere our company can carry out projects of any complexity with confidence. We provide the services affecting everything stages of life cycle of software development, beginning from the analysis of requirements, design, development and finishing with technical support.

Our major customers are various health resort organizations of the Republic of Belarus. Users are attracted by multifunctionality of the software, reasonable prices, and also continuous improvement of technologies which allow to improve quality of production, being guided by inquiries of the client and the world market.

It is known that the most valuable resource in our century of speeds is time. Production of PUES «Byport» allows to use rationally working hours of experts, to increase productivity due to considerable reduction of a share of paper work and, as a result, to bring quality of services to new level.

The office of the company is located in the city of Minsk therefore with us it is always easily possible to communicate and consult on any questions.