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Private unitary enterprise service "Byport"
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10 years - 10 licenses for free for 10 new customers!

More than 50 companies and objects of rest use services PUES «Byport»

Clever developments for optimum work

PUES «Byport» represents complex automation of health resorts, hotels, recreation centers.

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Private unitary enterprise service «Byport» specializes in creation of the software for automation of heath resorts, hotels and recreation centers.


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A large number of the registered programs - fruitful work of our team for many years of work.


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Our enterprise exercises continuous control of working capacity after commissioning of the project also supplements with the latest functions and opportunities.

Automation of health resorts

The system has modular architecture, what allows to use her in various fields of activity of the organization as together with other modules, and separately.

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Automation of recreation centers

Complex automation of the recreation center. This decision is constructed on the same platform as «Smart resort» but taking into account specifics of functioning of the organizations relating to recreation centers.

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Automation of hotels

Automation of hotel covers primary activities of hotel business and allows to automate them that will reduce load of employees on maintaining base of clients.

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